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The BoreLock fast attach system is our newest generation of fast attach mounts.

The BoreLock mount provides a simple to operate and secure attachment to many of the common weapon models available. BoreLock mounting suppressors are available for: 5.56 mm NATO assault rifles and light machine guns 7.62 mm NATO, .300 WM assault and sniper rifles .338 LM sniper rifles Suppressors equipped with the BoreLock mount are designated with the letters BL. Various BoreLock flash hider mounts are available, to adapt the suppressors to a multitude of assault rifles, without permanent modifications to them.

The BL-mounting collar is threaded in between the muzzle thread and flash hider. This allows the user to continue using the flash hider of his preference, for example a Vortex flash hider. Flash hiders need to be under 22mm to be compatible.

» BoreLock combatibility chart

» Suppressor and flash hider / muzzlebrake product code chart


The BoreLock HiPer flash hiders provide excellent flash / visual signature reduction across a range of barrel lengths and calibres.

The two-port BoreLock muzzle brakes provide an effective recoil reduction in a compact sized brake, allowing the suppressor size and diameter to remain minimal.

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