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When saved ounces are essential, Criterion-manufactured lightweight contour barrels provide the perfect fit. With an overall weight as low as 1.40 pounds for the 16" model, our pencil contour barrels offer an extremely lightweight configuration allowing for rapid acquisition and maximized mobility. Uniformity of the bore dimension, groove dimension, and twist, along with a finish produced by hand lapping prove to be necessary in enhancing the ultimate accuracy of each match quality barrel. These barrels will accept both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO ammunition. Also included is an M4 barrel extension. 

When building a lightweight AR-15 many people shorten the barrel to save weight. The problem with this solution is that the 223 round needs velocity to be effective and short barrels compromise velocity. A light barrel can still deliver accuracy as long as it has been made properly. Many cheap barrels are drilled to final bore size then rifled. This basic rifling method has a lot of compromises. At Criterion the barrels are drilled then reamed to the exact bore dimension. They are also polished and correctly heat treated so that when they get hot they remain stress free and accurate. There is a reason why some barrels cost more than others.   

Item Number 15160-UL8

Length            16"

Twist               1-8 RH

Chamber        223 Wylde

Gas System   Mid-Length

Contour          Lightweight

Weight           1.40 lbs

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