Criterion AR15 Heavy Barrel 20"



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Chrome-lined, button rifled barrels feature 223 Wylde chambers and 1-8" twist for enhanced accuracy potential with both .223 and 5.56 NATO ammunition. Unique chrome-lining process maintains uniformity throughout the bore and hand-lapping helps ensure smooth, consistent lands and grooves. Gas ports are optimized for barrel length and chambering to help ensure reliable cycling. Also features 1/2"-28 tpi muzzle threads for standard comps and flash hiders, plus M4 feed ramps on barrel extension to aid in smooth, reliable feeding. Barrels now feature a dimple opposite the gas port, so screw-on gas blocks do not shift during firing. HBAR contour barrels feature .870" diameter under the handguard for rigidity and extra heat absorption.

My personal experience with Criterion Chrome lined barrels is that you don't have a loss of accuracy like in some chrome lined barrels but you do get greatly increased barrel life. The heart of any AR15 is the barrel, it has a greater influence on accuracy than any other part of the rifle. 

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