Criterion Pre-Fit Barrels for Tikka and Remington.




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243 1/7.5,  6XC 1/7.5, 6CM 1/7.5, 6.5CM 1/8, 260AI 1/8, 6.5 284 1/8, 284 1/8.5, 280AI 1/8.5, 7mm un-chambered 1/8.5.

The biggest influence on your rifles accuracy is the barrel!

Criterion Pre-Fit barrels start out as a match Grade Blank that is then contoured and chambered. The big difference is that the Pre-Fit barrels can be installed at home. The key is the the barrel-nut that allows you to set the head-space perfectly yourself. The bonus with the Pre-Fit system is that you can have multiple barrels and change them out to suit your requirements. 

The barrels are all Match-Grade Stainless with a Stainless barrel nut. The Tikka barrels come with a wrench while the Remington Barrels use a generic Savage wrench. 

NZRAC recommend head space is set with a set of Go/No Go gauges, while head space can be set off  a full length sized empty cartridge we would again recommend this be checked with appropriate gauges as excessive head space is dangerous. 

The barrels all have a heavy sporter profile which is slightly larger than the standard T3 or Remington Sporter profile. The barrels can be further profiled by your gunsmith or fluted to reduce weight. Most barrels are 26 inches and of course can be shortened  to suit your needs. 

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