ADI Smokeless Gunpowder Pistol.




PLEASE NOTE: This powder is for sale to customers in the Wellington Region only. I cannot send this to other destinations due to DG shipping constraints. If you are passing through Wellington and want to stock up I can meet you and deliver.

PLEASE NOTE: Use the drop down box to choose the powder you want. If something is out of stock it won't show so just let me know as I get regular top ups. 

ADI Powders are New Zealand's favourite reloading powders. ADI rifle powders are all single base perforated tubular propellants of single base composition based on ADI's experience in developing powders for the Australian Defence Force's use in extreme climatic conditions. As a consequence, all rifle powders have, as a feature, low ballistic temperature coefficients with velocities and pressures not varying with ambient temperature unlike most other powders currently available for reloading. ADI powder is now sold in the US repackaged as Hodgdon powder.

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