KalixTeknik CR1 Adjustable Cheek rest




Almost every rifle being produced today has a stock that is too low for a perfect cheek weld.
It causes a bad or non existent fit of the shooter's cheek against the comb and shooting is adversely affected. Try it for yourself, close your eyes and mount your rifle focussing on a solid cheek weld, push down so your cheek bone rests on the stock,  then open your eyes and look at where the scope is. More than likely you will be looking at the bottom of the scope or even below it. If you are not looking directly down the centre of the scope then you need a cheek rest!
This product provides a solution to quickly achieve accurate and ergonomically correct planting of the cheek, regardless of how high the scope is mounted.
With simple operation, the height is adjusted according to user needs and circumstances with focus on high quality and improved ergonomics of the rifle.

NZRAC have tested the KalixTeknik CR1 and it works perfectly, it is very well made, easy to use and installation is straightforward. Using a Nightforce scope in medium rings we had to raise the cheek piece 18mm to get a perfect cheek weld. 

Please note, NZRAC can fit the cheek piece to your rifle, the fee is $50 plus courier. Send only the stock Do not send the complete rifle. 

Tikka T3 and T3X

Remington 700 SPS and Model 7 

Howa with Hogue stock

Sako A7

There are other models that we can get, please email or call for availability.

Fitting Instructions here: http://www.kalixteknik.com/kal...

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