Hornady 55gn .224 FMJ



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Whether you choose an FMJ bullet for its deep, bone-shattering penetration or its ability to protect the integrity of the pelt, you’ll find the perfect Full Metal Jacket in our traditional line.

Pioneered by Hornady for use in hunting bullets, this technology broke new ground in ballistic engineering and is now used in bullets for everything from match to varmint shooting.
The secant ogive is a geometrically developed design that creates the most ballistically efficient profile, yet retains the optimum bearing surface. The combination of the slender point and increased bearing surface results in lower drag, increased stability, flatter trajectories and amazing accuracy.

NZRAC tets show this bullet shoots well in all AR15 twist barrels from 1/12 to 1/7

BC    .243

SD    .157

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