Criterion Barrels

Criterion barrels are match quality button rifled barrels made in the USA.

NZRAC sells both barrel blanks that can be chambered, contoured and fitted by your gunsmith as well as pre-fit barrels for AR15, AR308 and Savage and Remington rifles.

Atlasworx bottom metal and Tikka parts.

Atlasworx make replacement bottom metal that allows you put an Accuracy International Chassis System type magazine into your Remington, Tikka Savage or Howa rifle. They also make replacement bottom metal for Tikka T3 rifles that replaces the weak plastic parts.

Atlasworkx also make extended bolt handles and bolt shrouds for the T3 rifle. (Note Handles and Shrouds fit both short and long actions and right and left hand bolts.

KRG Stocks

Kinetic Research Group make some of the best chassis stocks available and the reason they are so good is that the guys who design and build them are ex US Special Forces and they know what does and does not work in the field.

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